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Domenico Dragonetti


April 9, 1763, Venice, Italy


April 16, 1846, London, England
Domenico Dragonetti

Gasparo da Salo Bass

Studied with: Berini who was principal double bassist in St. Marks chapel in Venice.

Played for: St. Marks chapel, Venice; Grand Opera, Vicenza; The King's Theatre, London; The Ancient Concerts, London; The Philharmonic Society, London; 

Comment:  The photograph, most probably a Daguerreotype, was taken in 1843 when Dragonetti was 80. Notice the shape of the bow.

Bow Grip

Instruments: Dragonetti collected many fine basses during his life and left most of them to his friends in his will. This is his most famous bass, a Gasparo da Salo presented to him by the Benedictine Nuns of the Convent of San Pietro in Vicenza. On his death, it was returned to the Chapel of St. Marco in Venice where he played early in his career.


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