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Other Bass Players

I hope to have a separate page for these individuals as soon as I can find more information or photographs.

Cerny, Frantisek 

Gouffé, Achille

Hause, Vàclav (Wenzel)

Hrabé, Josef

Kuchynka, Vojta

Laska, Gustav

Manoly, Ludwig Emanuel

Mengoli, Annibale

Nanny, Edouard

Portnoi, Henri

Posta, Frantisek

Rambousek, Josef

Reinshagen, Herman

Rossi, Luigi

Sankey, Stuart

Scott, Roger

Slama, Anton

Sládek, Vendelin

Sorej, Oldrich 

Josef Emanuel Storch

Valls i Duran, Pere

Walter, David

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